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About Me

A little about me…

Art and photography has always been woven into my life. When I was a kid, I watched my Dad play around with his Minolta SLR (circa 1976) and other art projects. In high school, he helped me to build pinhole cameras and a darkroom in our basement, and we often shared ideas about composition and lighting. Later on, I went to university, life happened, but I never forgot the rush of finding the perfect frame.

I have come to know that the perfect frame often happens naturally. For example, in a Family Session, when I ask who has the stinkiest feet (yep you heard me)…and genuine laughter ensues, THAT is when I freeze the frame and a timeless portrait is created.
I am lucky to have a little family of my own. I have an amazing husband who supports me wholeheartedly. Together, we have a beautiful daughter. Her charm and comedic personality inspired me to resurface my creativity and love for Portrait Photography. We love to enjoy simple pleasures together, such as eating messy ice cream, ice skating and feeding carrots to our neighbour’s horses.
I am a dreamer. I like gigantic mountains, tiny houses, clear blue oceans, and vintage decor shops, to name a few things. One day, I intend to convert all of these “likes” into my experiences.

I look forward to hearing all about YOU, because I want to capture your story with subtlety, beauty and rays of light.




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