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Baby Abigail |Newborn Session | Natural Light Lifestyle



Congratulations Megan and Jeff on the arrival of Baby Abigail! She is gorgeous and growing fast! What a beautiful family you have made. You really do make it look easy – it is like Abigail was there all along. To Charlotte and Isabelle, you make the very best Big Sisters, Abigail is a very lucky little girl!

The session was shot one week after Abigail was born in the comfort of Megan and Jeff’s home, using natural light from their large bedroom window. As many of you may know, I really really enjoy using natural light because it gives the most beautiful glow and creates some of the most flattering shadows. Light is very important when taking portraits. I am always looking for opportunities to improve and push the limits of how I use light in my photographs.

I called this session a “Lifestyle” session because the majority of the shots were taken of the girls just being themselves, or of Mom just being a Mum. There was some posing and bribery for smiles rather than silly faces, but, in this case, I didn’t mind so much, because sometimes the  silly faces and yawns are the expressions I love the most. They show true, genuine emotion from a special moment in time, distilled in a photograph forever. That is the best.

I hope you enjoy viewing these photos with the same laughter and happiness that is expressed by these beauties. Thanks to Megan and the girls for a great session.








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