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Baby Elijah | Newborn Lifestyle Session


One of the best parts of my job is being able to follow my clients throughout their life journey, even for a short time. It was so cool to see Cat and Tim as new parents and how quickly and easily they fell into their roles as new Mum and Dad. Baby Elijah is the sweetest boy and already has them wrapped around his itty bitty finger.

Elijah was the perfect model… Though his parents may not agree, as it took over two hours for him to fall into a deep sleep, he eventually found his dream state so we could get those cute sleepy shots. Beforehand though, when he was still awake and very hungry, I took lots of photos of Mum and Dad doing their thing, and just being with their new baby in some very relaxed lifestyle shots. Some of my favourite shots are of Cat feeding Elijah and settling him to sleep… It was a quiet and peaceful room. While Cat cradled him and fed his hungry belly, I snuck around the room to shoot a few shots from different angles…almost like a fly on the wall. For me, those are some of the best moments; I was lucky to capture a few frames to archive them.

Cat and Tim: Thank you for allowing me to capture a small window in your life. It a beautiful window, full life, opportunity, happiness and love. Congrats!


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