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Beyond the Selfie | My Thoughts on Women’s Portraiture

Lately, I am finding that my Headshots Sessions have become something more, beyond what I expect and what my client expects. Headshots, can be known as business-like, posed portraits, usually taken from the waist or chest and up. While I respect that there is a real place and need for amazing Headshots in the Photography and Business world,  I’ve realized that I really enjoy creating personalized Portraits even more. Specifically, I really enjoy photographing Women’s Portraits, taking my clients beyond the “selfie” and exposing them to understanding and knowing their true beauty, inside and out.

I’m excited to begin sharing a series of Headshot (ahem, Portrait) sessions that I have been working on. And always, there were magic moments when the light was right, my lame joke was enough, and BAM… I captured a true expression and a smile from a woman who never thought of herself as photogenic, pretty enough, sexy enough, or just…enough.

Well, ladies, you ARE enough. You are beautiful, sexy, AND smart. And I am excited to take you on a journey where you can truly know that.


Here are a few shots from a recent shoot I had with the gorgeous Janet Morozuk, of At Your Speed Training, in Barrie. Janet and I worked through this session with limited space and lighting. Right at the last few minutes of the session, we discovered an empty office down the hall from hers, and I couldn’t resist taking a few more shots. Janet was happy to oblige and so then it happened…we made some photo magic with our newly discovered red chair and natural window light.

Makeup: Beauty By Melissa

Location: Suite Success



Ladies, do you want to know your beauty? Are you unhappy with your current Portraits or “Selfie”? I can work with you to create a Portrait that you are proud of. You are enough, and I want to prove that to you. To book Women’s Portrait or Headshot sessions, contact Katie Awrey at 705-220-4761.


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