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S + J Engagement Shoot | Tiffin Conservation | Barrie ON


“To look into that person’s eyes and find yourself so completely lost in another world, a world full of absolute comfort and happiness.”

-Lily Collins

Salina + Jason = LOVE!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to photograph this wonderful couple at the Tiffin Conservation Centre.

There are many ways to describe these two lovers, but what comes to mind after getting to know them is simply comfort.  They were so easy to photograph because they were innately comfortable with one another, and with being in front of the camera. Sometimes, I felt like I was creeping on them, because I really think they forgot I was there a few times  🙂  This is one of my FAV things when shooting a couple; when they relax so much that I (slightly) become an afterthought. Some of the most meaningful photographs are often created in these moments.


[Begin Shot] Me: “Okay, I’m going to position you here…facing me this way…raise your hand slightly…bring your chin down a tad…looking at one another…smooch…………..”

[End shot] “Okay….you can stop being ridiculously cute now.” : )


I loved every minute of the shoot and I am proud to share with all of you the love, comfort and affection that Salina and Jason have for one another.















>To: Salina and Jason – Congrats to you both! You are a gorgeous couple with so much happiness and memories ahead of you! I’m can’t wait to work with you again in the future.




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