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I always encourage families to be as relaxed as possible during a family photography session. I prefer not to pose everyone a whole lot. You won’t hear me ask your child to say “Cheese!” as I prefer to capture a true smile or facial expression. I love just letting children “be” as I find it allows me to capture the most natural and real moments. We can always take breaks, if required, for snacks or outfit changes.
What should we wear?  
When deciding what to wear for your session, I recommend styling outfits that are most comfortable and suit you best. I find it looks best to wear mostly neutrals (grey or white – no black) or soft solid colours, with one or two other colours that appear somewhere in each outfit. Stay away from logos or words on clothing. Try and choose clothes that have some interest: knits, corduroy, denim, and/or patterns, such as plaid, stripes, etc. as they photograph very well. If this all seems overwhelming, I am happy to help style your attire, please just ask!
Where will the shoot take place? 
The shoot can take place either at an outdoor location of your choice or at your home. Let me know if you have any ideas for locations; I’m very flexible.
When do you book your photo sessions?
I am available to book photo sessions days, evenings and some weekends; however, the best time is in the early morning or evening before the sun is too high and bright. The light during these hours is most forgiving and soft. The “golden hour,” or right before sunset, is well sought after by many photographers as a time for capturing beautiful photographs.


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