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I create a relaxed and fun experience for Maternity Photography Sessions. I encourage clients to let me know of any ideas they have and then work together to come up with the best poses for them, while still incorporating my own creativity with the photo session. Having been pregnant before, I know how tiring it can be; we can always take breaks, if required, for a drink or outfit changes.
What is the best time to get a maternity session done? 
I recommend between 32-35 weeks as this is the time when your baby bump is showing the best and just before you start to feel tired, as you near the end of your pregnancy.
What clothing and other style necessities should I consider?
It is best to wear clothing, first and foremost, that you will be comfortable in. Soft flowing fabrics are great or anything that shows off your belly the best. Other options could include a beautiful bright scarf and soft solid fabrics. Clothes that have some interest, such as knits, corduroy, denim, and/or patterns, such as plaid, stripes, etc. may also be a good option as they photograph really well. I also recommend grooming your hands and your partner’s hands before the session (perfect excuse for some much deserved pampering!), as they are often part of the photographs. You’ll want them looking cleaned up, especially for close-up shots of yours or your partners’ hands resting on your belly.
Where does the session take place? 
The shoot can take place either at an outdoor location of your choice. Let me know if you have any ideas for locations, I’m very flexible.
When do you book your photo sessions?
I am available to book photo sessions days, evenings and some weekends; however, the best time is in the early morning or evening before the sun is too high and bright. The light during these hours is most forgiving and soft. The “golden hour,” or right before sunset, is well sought after by many photographers as a time for capturing beautiful photographs.


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