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Natural Light Women’s Portrait – Cynthia

A lot of my work, despite a huge amount of planning, emailing and confirmations, is done on the fly. It is just part of the job to think fast in order to find solutions or to capitalize on a benefit, such as great natural light (my fav). When I arrived at Cynthia’s home for her session, one of the first things I did was tour around her gorgeous home to check out where the best natural light was coming in. Fairly quickly, I found the best room to set up my equipment. I don’t really have much equipment, in fact, sometimes, I feel that less is more and I’d rather just use what I have available to me. Thankfully my camera, natural light, a large reflector and step ladder were the perfect tools to capture Cynthia’s beautiful smile.

I’ve spoken in previous posts about how when I am photographing portraits, I wait for a “spark” to occur. It’s kind of like an alchemy when lighting, posing, my subject (relaxed) and the right frame all just fit together. Sometimes, this takes me an entire session to find, and then I end up with favourites from the last few frames. But, there are also times when the first frame is the best one. In this case, Cynthia’s favourite photo was the first frame I took : )

My goal for any portrait, but especially Women’s Portraits, it to make my clients feel relaxed and at ease. I really enjoyed working with Cynthia – despite her feeling anxious about having her photo taken, she was super positive and easy to work with throughout the shoot. She laughed at my lame stories, we joked and carried on, and, before you know it, I had several great shots to choose from for her final gallery.

Here are my favourite photos from Cynthia’s session. Enjoy!




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