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It is my goal and wish for you to be comfortable and relaxed in a Newborn photography session, as your comfort and ease will translate to baby’s comfort as well. To ensure the most relaxed session possible, I always book plenty of time (2-3 hours) for a Newborn shoot, as I never want parents to feel rushed. I always leave extra time for answering baby’s needs. i.e. feedings, changings, and comforting, in between setting up poses and props.
Where do the Newborn Sessions take place?
In your home. I will be shooting in the room with the most available natural light. Don’t worry if things are messy – I can work around them. Expect that I will be moving some things around to set up, but of course I will put everything back in place. If Dad is there, I may enlist his help to move some furniture if need be, as I don’t want Mom to be moving any items.
What age should I have my newborn photographed? 
Its strongly recommended that you schedule the session for when baby is 6-12 days old as this is the time when baby is still very sleepy and therefore much easier to pose. As a Mom, I know how stressful those first few days after birth can be. This is why I highly recommend booking your newborn session while you are still pregnant. I am happy to book a tentative session around the time of your due date.
If the photo shoot is 3 hours long, why do I only end up with 20-30 photographs? 
Although the photoshoot is 3 hours in length, I won’t be taking photographs the entire time. The 3 hour session allows for time to settle and feed baby, as well as for breaks. Sometimes, I can arrive at a Client’s home and not actually begin shooting until one hour after I arrive, or even later. It all depends on how the baby is doing that day, whether they need to be fed more, settled, burped, changed, etc. If all of these things are needed at once, for example, it can take some time to get down to it. But not to worry, you’d be surprised how many good shots can come from 20 minutes of shooting once baby is ready to model their sweet face 🙂 
What clothing/items should I have ready for the session? 
Newborns are always shot best nude. I also recommend you have ready one outfit that you love, a cloth diaper or diaper cover and a white onesie. Also feel free to use any items you wish to incorporate into the photo, ie. Blankets, stuffed animals, etc. 
*In order to be best prepared, once you have finalized your booking, I will e-mail you a more detailed Newborn Session Info Sheet


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