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This is a special blog post that I have created for this week. I’m so excited to share with you all! I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of my brother Michael and my brother-in-law, Gill, on this beautiful September afternoon. It was a gorgeous day and we were all very excited to celebrate their special day. To be honest, I was so excited to witness their marriage, that I was worried I would not be able to enjoy the wedding through my lens. But, I was wrong. I loved spending quality time with my brother and Gill “behind the scenes” as they prepared to head down the aisle. Both Ronnit and I (a second photographer and family friend) accepted the responsibility of ensuring the safe capture of their wedding day, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Please enjoy the sampling album from Michael and Gill’s Summertime Wedding, September 4, 2016.

Congratulations Michael and Gill! Love you both. Cheers to many many more years and special memories together! xo


Venue: Sleepy Hollow Golf & Country Club
Wedding Planning: Brianna Morrison, Status Events 
Floral Design: Kristopher Orchard Designs 
Photography: Katie Awrey Photography, Ronnit Viaene





Let me explain… part of their wedding ceremony included a blessing of their marriage. Family and friends were invited to hold their rings and bless their marriage with a special prayer or message. I loved this moment. It was authentic and heart-warming to share in this with everyone present.




Congrats you two! xoxo – Katie


My apologies for being away from blogging for so long.

I am happy to share with all of you today one of my favourite sessions from this past Summer. We had a lot of fun during the shoot – lots of laughs and photo magic.

It was a beautiful Summer evening and Michelle and I ventured to a private beach on the lovely shores of Georgian Bay. You can’t beat the colours, sunset, sand, and beauty of this area. Add in the gorgeous Michelle, and I was in Photographer heaven 🙂

The point of this shoot, for me, was to delve deeper into Women’s Portraiture. I really would like to photograph women only, one day.  Not that I don’t like families and babies… but, women’s portraiture speaks to me in a different way, and, creatively, it would be a good fit for me. Personally, I come from a place where I am not always confident in my appearance. We are so hard on ourselves… sometimes a little bit of makeup, well-planned wardrobe, great natural light and a little bit of courage, is all it takes for me to prove to my client how beautiful she is, regardless of her size. Through my images, I want to be part of the movement that empowers women to feel confident in their bodies, inside and out.

Michelle, thank you for being so gracious to help me towards my goal.


Makeup: Michelle Drodge

Hair: Joanne Trainor

Fashion: Michelle Drodge

Model: Michelle Drodge



I can’t believe it, but this little man is already 6 months old!

Spencer was such a good baby during our photoshoot at Angela and Leo’s condo in Barrie. I arrived in the morning and began shooting soon after, capturing some warm morning light against Spencer’s adorable face. Mom and Dad were helpful in getting him to smile and model, and, I even captured a few frames with them in there too : ) One of the things we did to ensure Spencer didn’t sink into the bed too much, was prop him up on a few blankets… this was especially nice, since it helped me to achieve the best frame possible, but we were able to use some special hand-made blankets that Spencer received from his Grandmother. Too cute.

I’m honoured to have taken Spencer’s photos, especially knowing how much Angela and Leo will cherish them forever. These are the times that are fleeting and busy, but the most exciting. Having portraits done of these precious little people in our lives is so important.

Thank you Angela and Leo for having me over to capture your sweet memories. I look forward to working with you again in the future.






A lot of my work, despite a huge amount of planning, emailing and confirmations, is done on the fly. It is just part of the job to think fast in order to find solutions or to capitalize on a benefit, such as great natural light (my fav). When I arrived at Cynthia’s home for her session, one of the first things I did was tour around her gorgeous home to check out where the best natural light was coming in. Fairly quickly, I found the best room to set up my equipment. I don’t really have much equipment, in fact, sometimes, I feel that less is more and I’d rather just use what I have available to me. Thankfully my camera, natural light, a large reflector and step ladder were the perfect tools to capture Cynthia’s beautiful smile.

I’ve spoken in previous posts about how when I am photographing portraits, I wait for a “spark” to occur. It’s kind of like an alchemy when lighting, posing, my subject (relaxed) and the right frame all just fit together. Sometimes, this takes me an entire session to find, and then I end up with favourites from the last few frames. But, there are also times when the first frame is the best one. In this case, Cynthia’s favourite photo was the first frame I took : )

My goal for any portrait, but especially Women’s Portraits, it to make my clients feel relaxed and at ease. I really enjoyed working with Cynthia – despite her feeling anxious about having her photo taken, she was super positive and easy to work with throughout the shoot. She laughed at my lame stories, we joked and carried on, and, before you know it, I had several great shots to choose from for her final gallery.

Here are my favourite photos from Cynthia’s session. Enjoy!





This cheerful Family Session took place at Johnson’s Beach in Barrie, Ontario. By the end of the session, my face was hurting from smiling and laughing so much. The weather was perfect and the people were even better. Kimberly, Jim, Kieran and Ceilidh are hilarious, fun and energetic, and they certainly don’t take themselves too seriously. There were so many occasions for candid moments of laughter. As a result, I really struggled to narrow down my favourite photos for their gallery. Their enthusiasm during the photo shoot made my job easy. Laughing for an hour and a half never feels like work, it is just plain fun, and, for that, I am quite blessed.

Thank you Thomson Family for a really awesome photo session.

As an added feature to my Photography Services, I now create video slideshows for my clients to view during their reveal session. Here is the video I created for the Thomson’s and displayed on their home television.










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