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Portrait of a Woman | Beautiful. Courageous. Determined. Positive. Seen.

Karin 3 5x7“Portraiture is sacred because it is intimate. There is something beautifully vulnerable about being seen and witnessed. How do we evoke not only their beauty but also their strength, their truth, something deeper.”

–Expressive Photography

I was honoured when my client Karin entrusted me to complete her portraits. It was approaching Karin’s 40th birthday, and on a visit from the UK to see family here in Canada, one of her goals was to have her portraits done. It was a positive personal goal that Karin set out to attain. As a single woman, she hadn’t had many photo opportunities, in which a professional image of her was taken. Many of us take for granted these life events, such as a wedding or a family event, when we are captured by a professional photographer. As such, Karin desired, and rightfully deserved, the same opportunity to be photographed.

I think it takes great courage to put yourself in front of a camera. Being in front of the camera really does put the subject into a vulnerable position… Despite her hesitation, Karin wanted to be seen for all of her amazing qualities, and there are many : ) During her visits to see her sister Kat, I have been fortunate to get to know Karin. So, here is where the trust came in. It is a much easier experience to reveal yourself in this way when photographer and subject make a connection. I am humbled and grateful that Karin entrusted me to “see” her through my lens – to distill her beauty, her strength, her comedy, and even “something deeper.”

Karin, you may not realize it, but your courage to be in front of the camera has inspired me to get out from behind my camera more often. I know you will inspire many others who aren’t ready yet, but who desire to share and be proud of their true selves. Thank you for allowing me to see YOU, so that the world can too.

All the best,

Katie xx







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